Nano composite sheet

TolooBond nano composite sheet and fireproof


Nano Composite

Composite sheet with PVDF coating


This sheet has the best color coating called PVDF.

The best feature of this sheet is the resistance, stability and durability of its color against the sun's UV rays, acid rain, heat, pollutants and other atmospheric conditions.

This sheet is mostly used in the exterior of the building.


Composite sheet with polyester coating


This sheet is covered with PE (Polyester) polymer.

Polyester coating has less resistance and durability against weather conditions, especially UV rays from the sun and acid rain, so this sheet is recommended for use in interior decorations.

Nano composite sheet


One of the biggest problems, especially in big cities, is air pollution. Therefore, the adhesion of dust particles makes the facade of buildings dirty and dark. Nano PVDF coating has largely solved this problem due to its self-cleaning properties.

In this type of sheets, less dust is absorbed by the sheet and the particles are cleaned to a large extent by pouring water or rain.


Mirror composite sheet



As the name suggests, this sheet has a mirror coating. This sheet is used in combination on the exterior and in interior decoration on the roof, walls and interior decorations.

Composite sheet with wax coating


The aluminum cover of this facade is scratched. Due to its very beautiful appearance, this sheet is widely used in building facades, especially interior decoration.

Composite sheet with wood pattern coating


One of the beautiful designs that was introduced to the facade of buildings by the composite sheet is the wood design sheet, which has gradually found countless fans for itself.

The grain of the wood design sheet is exactly like the grain of wood, so that it is difficult to distinguish it from a few steps away. This sheet is widely used in both exterior and interior decoration.

Shining and shiny composite sheet


This sheet has a shiny (shell) cover. In this coating, reflective powder (shell) is used, which, in addition to beauty, has a higher brightness than other sheets.

A group of shiny sheets absorbs less contamination due to its shiny and polished surface.


FR fire resistant composite sheet


Fire Resistance composite sheets, Toluband and Rhinobond A1 are the only sheets that have the highest level of fire resistance due to their middle core. Sigma sheet is the only FR sheet available in the market, which is 100% fireproof, so polyethylene has been removed and 3. The aluminum layer is formed in the form of a mesh. This process has made the sheet to have better resistance to bending and cutting and does not flare up in any way in front of fire. B2, A2, which are made of mineral core, has been reduced to 50%, and this has made it possible to perform the complete sheet in the facade even without cutting the sheet. Among other features of the sheet, it can be mentioned that the sheet is not wavy due to the removal of polyethylene, and it also has a 20-year warranty and 10-year Iranian insurance, and it also has different colors.


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