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Everything we need to know about A2 composite sheets?

FR composite sheets, which stands for the Latin word FireResistance, means fire resistant. A 2 sheets, which are produced with fireproof cores, have various applications for all types of building facades.
Based on the tests conducted, A2 composite aluminum sheets are among the safest sheets available in the Iranian market. Aluminum hydroxide and manganese hydroxide with a purity between 88 and 90% are used in the core of A2 composite aluminum sheets.
In grade B sheets, the purity of the main core is 45 to 55 percent. A 2 composite sheets are approved by domestic regulatory institutions such as the Housing and Urban Development Organization, Fire Department, Iran Standard Institute and also comply with international standards such as ASTM and En13501-1.
The high quality of the color, the variety of designs and the strength of the A2 composite sheet gives the designers and contractors the opportunity to use A2 fireproof sheets widely for various structures.
طIt is positive that it enables the use of aluminum composite sheets in areas that are exposed to fire or in places with little access to fire extinguishing. A2 composite sheets are the only fireproof aluminum composite sheets that due to their mineral core They have the highest level of fire resistance, so they are the best option for use in places where fire protection is very important.

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Such places include:
Industrial or very tall buildings, high-rise complexes, hospitals, hotels, underground stations or tunnels. High-temperature fireproof composite sheets are bonded with high-performance molecular hardeners to achieve the highest level in terms of Stability against peeling. Fireproof composite sheet (fireproof composite sheet) of aluminum can be easily processed due to its lightness, which can lead to the reduction of disasters in earthquakes. Hierarchies such as cutting, leveling, rolling, and several types of shaping with a corner angle can be done with simple woodworking tools, so that the panel installation work becomes fast and convenient, and as a result, reduces the amount of costs.
Also, the flexibility of aluminum fireproof composite sheet (fireproof composite sheet) has helped designers a lot in creating innovative designs.

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A2 Fireproof Composite Sheet

A2 Fireproof composite sheet

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