Implementation of composite sheet

composite facade

Composite sheets are one of the advanced materials of modern architecture, which have attracted the attention of designers and building managers more than ever, and the wide acceptance and use of this product as one of the materials used in the facade of buildings shows its good quality and the absence of any restrictions in design and implementation. it is.. As the name of this product suggests, the aluminum composite sheet is a composite material consisting of 2 layers of aluminum and a plastic layer in the middle of the polyethylene type. Considering that this product is part of industrial materials and factory production, many properties of natural materials such as stone and wood have been improved in it. This product shows great resistance against atmospheric conditions and ultraviolet rays, as well as strong acid and alkaline conditions, pollution, corrosion, and discoloration if PVDF resin is used. And for many years without change, its appearance properties And it maintains its technicality. Also, from a mechanical point of view, the excellent elasticity and flexibility of the sheets, unlike other materials, allows to change the shape to any desired shape. Also, this product is produced in many different colors and designs. In addition to the colors found in nature, it can be produced in the form of all kinds of stone, wood and even different color spectrums according to the angle of light radiation and anything that can be imagined.

Advantages of aluminum composite facade:

1. Very light weight, each square meter of composite sheet weighs only 5.4 kg, taking into account the weight of the substructure profiles, the final weight of each square meter is 9 kg.
2 Aluminum composite sheet consists of aluminum and polyethylene layers and has the most stability against atmospheric factors, moisture, sun rays. , causes it to crumble in the long term) is more.

3. It is possible to implement various designs including dimensions and arcs.
4. Due to the low coefficient of thermal penetration of polyethylene and the trapping of some air behind the facade, it is considered a good thermal insulation if it is implemented correctly.
5. Due to its flexibility, it does not break, does not fall, and is generally not dangerous.
6. It is fast-acting and its implementation is dry. It does not spill during execution.
7. It can be used in any place, from interior decoration to under the ceilings and built-in facilities, air conditioner valve, etc.
8. Composite panel waste is completely recycled and does not cause environmental pollution.
9. Aluminum metal is one of the semi-precious metals and its value increases over time, the use of composite facade (or any other use of this metal) is a kind of investment for the future generation.

The composite view is implemented in several ways, some of the common methods are as follows:

1. Fixed method (Fixing)----- standard
2. Rail method (Hanging) ----- standard
3. Frame (H,L)----- usual
4. Clamp----- usual

The implementation system of the aluminum facade is as follows:


In this method, after cutting and assembling, the composite sheets are fixedly connected with screws or on the substructure, which is very simple and light in terms of implementation, and it has a high speed in installation, which can be used for the substructure materials. Iron or aluminum can profiles are used. In order to create a more beautiful view and make the facade waterproof, silicon glue and rubber detectors are used between the installed sheets.


In this system, which is the best type of standard installation, the main profiles, which are aluminum gutters, are installed by corners. which has bean-shaped holes are bolted to the metal brackets that are welded on the plates, with the chassis, and the small gutters, which have a stainless metal pin, are placed inside the main gutter. Puzzles are placed on the baby gutter pin.

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