Implementation of thermowood facade

View of wood

Cladding wood view

The exterior of a building is made of wood. The wooden facade is actually the shell or covering of the building and in addition to its beauty and eye appeal, it can act as a protection against factors such as cold, heat and humidity and stabilizes the internal heat. The use of wood for building facades has a long history and in many cultures it has been customary to use wooden tiles for the exterior and roof. Although the use of wood facades has decreased in the modern era due to the need for high maintenance and less durability of wood facades compared to other options and the existence of various industrial products and substitute materials in the market, the inherent importance of wood as one of the desirable materials in technical applications And engineering has not been lacking. So that wood is still a serious competitor for many raw materials with similar applications and in some cases it cannot be replaced. The beauty of patterns, variety of colors, warmth and peace that seeing wooden objects and structures gives to people and the originality and sense of antiquity created by wooden facades cannot be achieved with stone, metal, brick and similar materials. Also, with proper wood treatment and engineering methods, the life and durability of wood can be increased and it can be made more resistant to decay.

Due to the process they go through during the treatment, Termwood wood has characteristics that make it the best option for exterior and interior wooden facades.

Low moisture absorption:

In humid weather conditions, Thermowood's moisture absorption is 40% lower than that of ordinary wood. Dimensional stability: With the Thermowood process, the shape stability of all types of wood increases greatly. Your dignity against insect attacks, the beauty of Thermowood wood, Thermowood wooden doors. Resistance to fungus and mold and these features make the wood facade made of Termwood last longer and maintain its shape, in addition to its beauty and uniformity and pleasant purity of color due to the stability of dimensions and low humidity. Also, high resistance to biological factors increases the life of these facades. Also, Termwood facades have thermal insulation properties and reduce heat exchange with the surrounding environment, which is effective in maintaining the temperature of the inside environment. The painting of the surfaces of the Termwood facade is more durable due to the less deformation of the Termwood and its greater resistance to rotting and environmental erosion, and the intervals of repainting the facade of the Termwood wood are longer than other woods.

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