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The composite sheet was invented in Germany in 1969 and the reception and excessive use of this product in the facade shows the proper quality and the absence of any restrictions in the design and implementation of this material.

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Composite sheet has been welcomed as one of the advanced materials and has become one of the main materials in the facade of the building (composite facade). It is made of aluminum and compressed polyethylene.

Features of composite sheets:
- Light weight
- Variety of plasticity
- high resistance
- Various dimensions
- Light foundation materials
- It is suitable for facade construction and facade renovation
- High resistance to harsh weather conditions
- Variety of colors
- High safety against earthquakes
- Ability to replace and repair
- Eliminating restrictions on the use of different design ideas

Technical properties:
- The first advantage of these composite sheets is their light weight, which significantly helps in stylizing the building.
- It maintains its appearance and technology for years without any change.
- The elasticity and flexibility of these sheets is excellent.
- It is available in many different colors and designs in the market, in the form of wood, all kinds of stones and...
- Due to the existence of compressed polyethylene in the center of two layers of aluminum, these composite sheets are a very good thermal insulator and prevent energy loss.
- Due to their smooth surface, they reflect the sun's rays and absorb the sun's heat in the lowest state.
- It is resistant to moisture.
- It doesn't ring.
- Its deformation is less compared to other building materials.

Applications of aluminum composite panel: The exterior of the building, restoration of old facades, interior decoration, gas stations, store signs, exhibition stands, roof covering, partitions, etc.
Composite sheet is a sheet that is made by compressing several layers together. The inner layers of these sheets consist of non-flammable minerals and polyethylene, and the outer layer consists of aluminum. Composite sheet is a material that has attracted the attention of architects today. Composite sheets in the exterior and appearance of all kinds of buildings, false ceiling, dividing the interior space of buildings, advertising signs and boards, decorating the interior spaces of all kinds of commercial buildings, walls with industrial use, walls of bridges and tunnels, etc. Others are used. This product has a very high variety of colors and visually has a very beautiful appearance. Composite sheets do not weigh much, they are light, and because of this, they are easy to implement. This product has a good resistance to earthquakes, moisture and sunlight, therefore these sheets do not change color and do not get rusted. Composite sheets are flexible and available in different sizes and dimensions. Also, this product is very resistant and suitable for use in any climate. Composite sheets are sound and heat insulation and are not flammable. In addition, these sheets do not need to be washed and are very easy to move and replace. Composite sheets and all its constituent layers are recyclable

Getting to know more about composite sheet and its features and applications
With the advancement of technology and the emergence of new construction materials, a revolution has taken place in the construction industry. One of the materials used in modern construction is the use of composite sheet for various purposes, including the facade of the building. In general, composite or composite material refers to the combination of two or more separate materials that have a common plane between them. Each composite consists of two parts, which are called phases. The first phase is called the base, which is the main matrix of the composite, and the second phase is the reinforcement. In fact, by surrounding the main matrix, the reinforcing materials keep it in place and by strengthening the mechanical properties, it strengthens the structure of several structures.

Buy Composite sheet

What is composite sheet?
Due to the good quality, ease of use, freedom of action in the design and implementation, composite sheets have become one of the most popular building materials in modern architecture. Different types of sheets are used as the exterior of the building. Composite sheets can also be used as partitions, walls or false ceilings in interior design. Each composite sheet is made of two layers of aluminum sheet as a cover, in the middle core of which fireproof mineral materials such as polyethylene, polyurethane, etc. are used as insulation. Also, a layer of resin coating is placed on the aluminum layer. Usually, the composite sheet can be produced in different thicknesses according to the needs, but usually the thickness of each sheet is considered between 4 and 5 mm.
Characteristics of composite sheet
The main feature of this product is its resistance to environmental changes such as humidity, heat, sunlight, wind, rain and snow. The amount of mechanical resistance compared to high weight, corrosion resistance of this product is relatively high. Also, due to the labor-intensive materials used in the middle core, the composite sheets are very good insulators against heat and sound. Being insulated against heat makes it possible to prevent the loss of energy in the building to a significant extent. These sheets are very light weight and can be easily produced and marketed in various sizes, shapes and colors. Another prominent feature of the composite sheet is that it is anti-earthquake due to its non-integrated performance during earthquakes. Usually, the refractory composite sheet has a relatively long life. Types of composite sheets according to the materials used
Another type of aluminum sheet classification is according to its design. Wood, stone or mirror composite sheet needs to go through several steps. In terms of aesthetics and increasing strength, materials such as wood are produced in modern construction using fluorocarbon paint technology, which can be applied in different sizes while maintaining all the properties of composite sheets. A layer of laminate on an aluminum layer is used in the construction of composite wood design sheet

Types of composite sheets according to the covering layer of the sheet surface
Sheet with polyester paint
This product has only one layer of paint without protection on the aluminum layer, which is often suitable for indoor use, such as interior decoration, because it is not very resistant to weather changes.
Sheet with PVDF paint
In this type of sheets, a polymer layer is used, which makes the color resistant to different weather conditions.
Sheet with nano paint
This sheet works like resin paints, except that an additional layer is sprayed on the resin. Nano paint is also resistant to dust particles and the brightness of the sheet is always maintained.
Shine sheet
The colors used in making this product are very shiny and it is usually mixed with garlands. The luster and shine of this type of sheet, especially the gold composite sheet, has increased its price.

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The price of composite sheet
The thickness of the sheet, the type of aluminum alloy, the type of resin layer and its color, and the type of material used in the central core between the layers have an effect on the pricing of this product. Depending on the type of materials used in the construction, the quality and use of the composite sheet will be different. Height, volume, compressibility, tensile strength, shear strength, amount of shear, bending strength, amount and degree of bending and fire resistance of the materials all have a significant impact in determining the price of composite sheet depending on the quality used. The price of cheap composite sheet will be different depending on the type of aluminum alloy used and the middle core. Today, some companies use ordinary and even recycled polyethylene materials to produce cheap composite sheets. The cheapest composite sheets in the market are always exposed to risks such as fire.

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