Why TolooBond composite sheet?

Why is the TolooBond the first choice of the engineering community?

1- High quality The production line imported from Europe and the advanced production technology from Germany, the surface is completely smooth and the peeling resistance is 30% higher than usual.
2- Light weight, easy to use TolooBond is about 5.5 kg per square meter / anti-vibration due to the reduction in the weight of the building and, as a result, the reduction in seismic weight and the cutting force of the foundation / also ease in the groove and cutting, as well as forming as an arc or full arc (rolling) and vertical angle / the possibility of portable or fixed installation and finally low implementation cost
3- Fire resistance property Due to the presence of an advanced and anti-weld polyethylene layer in the core of Tolu Band composite panels, this product has shown good resistance to heat and sound, and is generally considered thermal and sound insulation.
4- Impact resistance Due to the use of advanced production technology in accordance with European standards, these sheets show hardness and lack of proper deformation against impact. It is also resistant to environmental shocks such as heavy hail and storms
5- Great resistance to all kinds of weather conditions: In the panels supplied through this sales office, it creates the property of color stability and maintains the original quality and beauty after more than 20 years, and prevents corrosion or absorption of ultraviolet rays and adapts to all weather conditions around the world.
6- Various colors of your choice! The TolooBond color table is one of the most complete by offering any type of color according to the customer's taste and also compatible with the color standards. Also, due to the high adhesive strength between the paint and the aluminum layer (PVDF technology), the paint will not peel under any circumstances.
7- Easy maintenance (self-cleaning property) Due to the supply of the latest and most advanced technology in the world known as (nano technology) in the NANO PVDF sheets supplied by this sales office, TolooBond panels are self-cleaning in the conditions of air pollution, dust and other pollution. It has the characteristic features of standard sheets.

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