Types of composite sheets

Composite sheet installation and implementation video

In this method, the composite sheets after cutting and grooves are permanently connected with screws or rivets on the aluminum or iron substructure, the installation steps of which are very fast. Between the installed sheets, to create a more beautiful look and make the facade waterproof, a belt made of sheets and polyurethane adhesives, which are very durable compared to glue and silicone rubber, are used.

Types of composite sheets available in the market

Toloo company has many factories and workshops, standard and modern, with a complete production line for the production of this product, such as aluminum coil painting lines (coating), extruding T, lamination, etc. according to the latest American and European technologies. It is also equipped with an advanced laboratory-research center

This is a group effort

Toloo factory with an area of ​​10,000 square meters, located in Behshahr, is one of the largest producers of composite and aluminum sheets in Iran, with 2 production lines and the best composite production machines in Taiwan under German license, producing 20,000,000 square meters annually. It has aluminum composite

Toloo production group with more than 20 years of experience is known as one of the first pioneering and leading companies in the modern construction materials industry in the country.
In the field of aluminum composite sheet production, this company has a wide production and sales network of this product in the country.
The scope of activity of this group is not limited to the country, while establishing centers in the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Iraq, Malaysia, etc., it is expanding its commercial influence beyond the country's geographical borders.

Toloo company produces ShineBond, OriginalBond, ReynoBond, SuperBond, TolooBond composite sheets.

TolooBond, Toloo Bond exclusive representative of Tolo Band, Rhino Band, TL Band, Super Band, Shine Band and Daftar composite aluminum sheets. It is the official company and factory of Tolo in Iran. Also, this company owns the franchise of TolooBond, ZigmaBond, ReynoBond, SuperBond, ShineBond, etc. brands.

Types of composite sheets in the market

Types of brands of composite sheets applicable for interior and exterior composite facades based on the country of manufacture

Country of manufacture: America

ALCOYAS ALUCO JAS aluminum composite facade sheet
ALUMONT aluminum composite facade sheet
ALUBOND U.S.A. aluminum composite facade sheet
The main franchise of Alloband brand is for American Building Technologies company from the state of Illinois, USA; But due to the increasing number of factories and different brands producing composite sheets and the creation of fierce price competition, it is inevitably produced in the city of Ajman to reduce the production costs of this brand in the three countries of India, Serbia and also in the United Arab Emirates. Allobond USA is one of the best-selling composite brands in the world and one of the most famous composite brands with a wide variety of products.
Alloband products: Alubond PVDF: aluminum composite sheets for the exterior Alubond Light: aluminum composite sheets for interior view Alubond Nano Premium: nano aluminum composite sheets, anti-dust and self Alubond FR: fireproof aluminum composite sheets Alubond Eco: economic aluminum composite sheets Alubond Double Color: seven-color aluminum composite sheets Alubond SS: stainless steel aluminum composite sheets Alubond Green (green): aluminum composite sheet with mineral core Alubond Solar: Solar aluminum composite sheets
Alummetal: aluminum false ceiling
Other products: Lambord gypsum tile, milling blade and Alubond sealant China also produces composite sheets under the Alloband brand, which are introduced in Iran with two different labels: Swiss Alloband and Chinese triangular Aloband.

Country of manufacture: Germany

ALUCOBOND aluminum composite sheet
Alcobond was established as one of the best-selling aluminum composite sheet brands in the world in 1969. Alcoband is one of the oldest and most prominent composite sheet brands, and most of the composite sheet brands are named after the suffix and prefixes of this brand name, which is plum. , Aluko, Band use to make their name familiar to customers. Alcoband aluminum coil is produced by 3A company in Germany. This sheet is produced in Germany, India and China and covers solid or simple, metallic, sparkling or glossy colors and seven colors. Recently, like Japan's Alpolik, another well-known composite brand, three new types of Alcobond China, Alcobond USA, and Alcobond Iran have been sold in the country's composite market.
GUT.BOND aluminum composite facade sheet
BOSCH PLATTEN aluminum composite facade sheet
This composite sheet is produced by the German company Bosch Platten and has achieved the record of the best-selling sheet in the markets of Europe, East Asia and South Africa; Like Alcobond Germany, the aluminum coil of this sheet is also produced by 3A Germany and has solid, sparkling, nano, patterned, metallic and seven colors.
Country of manufacture: England

ALUART aluminum composite sheet
Country of manufacture: France
REYNOBOND aluminum composite facade sheet LUBOND aluminum composite facade sheet
Country of manufacture: Sweden
ALCO-FORCE aluminum composite facade sheet
Country of manufacture: Japan
Alpolic aluminum composite facade sheet Alpolik sheet is the Alkaled sheet that is produced by Mitsubishi Plastic Factory in Japan and has fireproof or FR properties with powdery white B1 polyethylene and has a shell thickness of 0.5 mm on both sides. It goes to international markets and is one of the high quality It is the most popular aluminum sheet composite panel brand in the world. This brand, like the Alcoband brand, covers simple or solid colors, metallic, sparkling or glittery and seven colors; Wood and stone designs are also available for this brand. It is regrettable that due to the lack of copyright, some Iranian composite factories cover their sheets with the name of this brand; Although you can easily feel the difference in quality.
Country of manufacture: Korea
ALCOMAX aluminum composite facade sheet ALCOTEX aluminum composite facade sheet ALCOPANEL aluminum composite facade sheet Alcowall aluminum composite facade sheet ALCOBEX aluminum composite facade sheet HYUNDAI aluminum composite facade sheet
Country of manufacture: UAE
ALUBOND U.S.A. aluminum composite facade sheet The main advantage of this sheet is for America and it is produced in the city of Ajman, United Arab Emirates. Among the famous projects implemented with this sheet is the implementation of the facade of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the tallest tower in the world.

Specifications of composite sheet

ALUPEX aluminum composite facade sheet U.S.A. NANOBOND aluminum composite facade sheet This brand is produced in the United Arab Emirates with European CE and American Astm standards. STAR BOND aluminum composite facade sheet
Country of manufacture: Türkiye
SARAY aluminum composite facade sheet NATURALBOND aluminum composite facade sheet
Country of manufacture: China
SWITZERLAN ALUBOND aluminum composite facade sheet This sheet is produced in one of the Chinese factories, which has been approved by the Swiss SGS inspection company, and for this reason, it has become known as Alloband Switzerland. ALUBOND metal aluminum composite facade sheet Alubond China: Alubond China, because the Latin letter A in the logo of this brand is written as a triangle, it is known as Alubond triangle and it has been produced by one of the most reliable factories in China for many years. This sheet is one of the least defective composite sheets imported from China to Iran, but this brand is also copied by one of the domestic factories of the country and is marketed under the same name.
ALUTILE aluminum composite facade sheet
ALUMASTER aluminum composite facade sheet
ALUBEST aluminum composite facade sheet
ALUMARK aluminum composite facade sheet
ALUTECNO aluminum composite facade sheet
ALUVINA aluminum composite facade sheet
ALUCOBEST aluminum composite facade sheet
ALCOSTONE aluminum composite facade sheet
ALCOMASTER aluminum composite facade sheet
ALCOSUPER aluminum composite facade sheet
AlCOPAN aluminum composite facade sheet
I BOND aluminum composite facade sheet
EUROPANEL aluminum composite facade sheet
PANELCO aluminum composite facade sheet
HYUNDAI aluminum composite facade sheet
TOYO aluminum composite facade sheet
BOLLIYA aluminum composite facade sheet
GOODSENSE aluminum composite facade sheet
TAKA aluminum composite facade sheet
FEITING aluminum composite facade sheet
Royal aluminum composite sheet
YARET aluminum composite facade sheet
WILLSTRONG aluminum composite facade sheet

Some brands of Nama composite sheet Available in Iran

Shinebond aluminum composite facade sheet
ALUMIN aluminum composite facade
ALUCONAM aluminum composite facade sheet
ALCOWEST aluminum composite facade sheet
PREMIUMBOND premium bond aluminum composite sheet
S.M.P BOND aluminum composite facade sheet
COPCO aluminum composite facade sheet
Alpolic aluminum composite sheet
TOLOOBOND aluminum composite facade sheet
ALUSWISSBOND aluminum composite sheet
ALUMAX aluminum composite facade sheet
ALCOSTON aluminum composite facade sheet
Alcobond aluminum composite facade sheet
TLBOND aluminum composite sheet
SUPERBOND aluminum composite sheet
ALUTEK aluminum composite facade sheet
AluswissBond Aluminum Composite Profile
AluOriginalBond aluminum composite sheet
ALUTILE aluminum composite facade sheet
ALUTOP aluminum composite facade
GALAXYBOND aluminum composite facade sheet
ALUBOND aluminum composite facade sheet
SEGMABOND fireproof aluminum composite sheet

Advantages of using aluminum composite sheet (building facade composite sheet)

Aluminum composite sheet, a new material in Iran, which, due to factors such as stylishness, variety of colors, light weight, high stability and durability, color stability, quick and easy implementation, etc., has its place among other materials in the construction of building facades. And the interior decoration has increased every day.
composite facade in different types and colors allows you to choose the color and design you want and idea Turn your special features that cannot be implemented with other building materials into reality.

The main application of composite aluminum sheet is in the construction industry. The production of composite sheet at first for the production of materials to lighten the overall weight of the building and to create comfort and openness for the architect designers in The architecture of the buildings was considered with special ideas. As its efficiency has been revealed day by day, it is also used in other industries. But the advantage of composite sheet compared to other alternative materials in the facade of the building will be mentioned below.

Reducing the overall weight of buildings by using composite aluminum sheets

Due to the combination of composite sheet, aluminum and polyethylene, this material is remarkably light. Approximately six kilograms per square meter, which significantly reduces the weight of the structure in the facade of the building, which significantly increases the building's resistance to earthquakes and leaves less losses due to the lightness of the facade.

Reduce the overall cost of the building by using composite facades

The stage of implementing the building skeleton is one of the most expensive stages in building construction, and due to the light weight of the aluminum composite sheet, the structure will be lighter, and the main skeleton of the building can be made lighter, which will significantly reduce the cost.

Possibility of creating various designs of the facade of the building with composite sheet due to easy plasticity to create various facades in the building

Aluminum composite sheet is easily cut and deformed, and has a perfect roll and flexible curve. Therefore, from the point of view of engineers, architect designers and project managers, aluminum composite sheet is the best material for the facade of the building. This is because the aluminum composite sheet can be used with any design and shape, and more importantly, the implementation of this complexity in the design will not have an alternate cost for using other materials.

The possibility of implementing various ideas in design due to the possibility of implementing special designs on aluminum sheets and the variety of available colors

The availability of various and almost unlimited colors using composite aluminum sheets Aluminum composite sheets are produced in different colors, especially happy colors such as pink, red, yellow, green, etc., which are less common in other materials used in the facade. It should be noted that the durability of these colors is also very good and has a high resistance against bad weather conditions.

Color stability during rendering and after it

By using PVDF protective coating, the color of aluminum composite sheets has a very long life even in the sun. And direct sunlight over the years will not change the color of the composite sheet.

No need for constant maintenance and washing costs

Composite aluminum sheets do not require routine maintenance such as painting or keeping away from sunlight or rain. And examples of nano-coated composite sheets that have self-cleaning capabilities are very popular today and will reduce building maintenance costs.

Light, simple and versatile foundation materials

Aluminum composite sheets can be implemented in various ways, all of which use light aluminum or iron profiles for the foundation.

Repair, replacement and simple installation of panels in case of damage

Due to the use of modular system in the production of composite sheets, it is very easy to install aluminum sheets to repair composite sheets. This means that only the damaged sheets need to be replaced during the repair, and the overall appearance of the building will remain undamaged.

Very ideal composite sheet for sound, heat and cold insulation

Due to the presence of a polyethylene layer in the middle of the sheet, the composite sheet is a very good insulator against sound pollution and disturbing noises. The insulation capability of this product reduces the heating and cooling costs of the building.

High running speed

Another feature of the composite sheet is its high installation speed. The work of shaping the sheets is done quickly and the installation of the substructure is easy and the whole facade is installed quickly. While for other materials, due to issues such as heavy weight and the problems of infrastructure materials in terms of drying materials, etc., the implementation time will increase significantly.

Variety in dimensions

One of the obvious advantages of the composite sheet is its production in large dimensions, which can be produced in widths of 1220 to 1575 mils and lengths of 2000 to 6000 mils, which are very suitable in terms of size. While for other building materials, due to high weight and other problems in implementation, there will be limitations in dimensions

High color resistance against acid rain in cities

The paint used in the composite sheet is a type of high-strength resin, so there is no bending or cracking on the paint during bending and forming. Also, this type of paint is very resistant to acid rain and also has a very high resistance to UV rays of the sun compared to other common paints.

Resistant to fire

From the point of view of fire resistance, this material has been introduced and implemented as a fireproof material in many countries of the world. And after the fire, they do not cause pollution in the environment, because all the materials used in making the composite sheet are CFC-free.

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