Types of frameless facade

Frameless glass view

One of the most widely used building facades is frameless facades, which offer beauty, proper sealing, simple installation, and proper loading all at once. In this system, the facade surface is completely gridded and the aluminum profiles are framed. The facade is placed on this grid. The presence of air-sealing rubbers around the frame and glass has made the facade surface completely isolated (sealing and air-sealing) and one of the very important points of this system is that more glass is seen on the facade surface and aluminum with a special delicacy on the side The glass is placed and at the same time the opening windows are not visible, this is what made this system to be noticed by most of the building designers. Form Los double-paned glass is made of a combination of two layers of glass and an aluminum separator layer (spacer) which is filled with moisture absorbent (silica gel). Between the two layers of glass, heat insulation can be done with argon gas or SF6 (sound insulation). Or a combination of these two full of advantages of this type of glass in the windows of buildings.

Glass view of Frame Less features of the Frame Less system

- The elegance of the glass holding frame from the outside
- energy saving
- Reducing the production of polluting gases up to 70% 3
- Reducing noise pollution
- The possibility of using the hidden pop-up in the view
- Ease of glass replacement
- Non-transmission of stresses of the main structure based on glass
- Independent operation of each frame against earthquakes
- The possibility of using different colors in the facade

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