< Implementation of cement board facade

Implementation of cement board facade

cement board

Fiber cement panels are prefabricated cement panels whose mechanical properties have been improved by using silica and cellulose fibers. Cellulose fibers used in these plates increase their resistance to compressive and tensile stresses caused by temperature changes and prevent various defects such as cracking and distortion. Due to the significant bending strength, fiber cement panels (fiber cement board) have excellent performance in exterior and interior, interior and exterior walls, and roof and floor covering of buildings. Fiber cement panels have good fire resistance and sound and thermal insulation as well as moisture insulation. Compared to all similar products, these panels show more resistance to absorbing and passing moisture. Although in the immersion state, they absorb a lot of water and their bending strength decreases, but after drying, without Change in dimensions, get the initial bending strength. The use of this product can play a significant role in reducing energy consumption and noise pollution in buildings. Fiber cement panels (fiber cement board) are very durable against the sun's rays as well as harsh weather conditions (high temperature and especially sub-zero temperature). This has made it possible to use it in covering the facade of the building, like similar products including the dry wall system. (Fiber cement board) are environmentally friendly and free of any asbestos and harmful substances for the environment and are resistant to pests such as mice and mushrooms. Painting, maintaining and changing the color of the facade of the building over time is another feature of this product.

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