Implementation of dry ceramic facade

Dry-faced ceramic

There are two main branches in this industry: 1- traditional ceramics 2- advanced ceramics. In fact, dry-faced ceramics belong to the second category, that is, advanced ceramics, and are mostly produced by extrusion.

Advantages of implementing dry ceramic facade

1- Saving time
2- Construction engineering design and reduction of material waste
3- Compatibility of the behavior of materials against atmospheric temperature changes
4- Industrial production of construction materials
5- The ability to adjust and the amount of work in the facade of the building
6-Reducing the cost of reconstruction and repair, increasing the useful life and the possibility of recycling the used materials
7- Reducing the volume and weight of the skeleton and foundation of the building
8- Compatibility with the latest national and international standards: - thermal and sound insulation - weight reduction and compliance with earthquake regulations

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