Implementation of curtain wall view

curtain wall view

Curtain wall facade is one of the types of glass facades of the building with a covering system with a self-standing structure. In fact, the curtain wall facade is considered the best glass facade of the building in terms of structural issues at height. This type of facade is usually made of light materials, especially the combination of aluminum and glass. In fact, the curtain wall view is from the category of dry views; Ventilated facades are considered to have a special beauty compared to the previous generation, frameless facade on iron (frameless system on iron, the old system that had many sealing and air sealing problems), curtain wall facade or aluminum lamella curtain wall in two general ways with The retaining cap (FACECAP) and (FRAMELESS) are implemented.

The most important advantages of the curtain wall facade can be recognized as follows:

1- The lightness of the structure and the reduction of the dead load of the building
2- Increasing the amount of light entering the building
3- Reducing energy consumption
4- High execution speed
5- Complete moisture, heat and sound insulation
6- The possibility of easy combination with other facade covering systems
7- The possibility of implementation as prefabricated or semi-prefabricated
8- Variety of features and appearance options of the system
9- Beauty and providing special modern effects at night and day
10 - The possibility of installing all kinds of opening models on it
11- Reduction of building operation and maintenance costs 12- Appropriate stress behavior against earthquake force.

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