Composite sheet

What is aluminum composite sheet?

Aluminum Composite Sheet It consists of three layers, including two layers of aluminum sheets with a thickness of 3 to 0.5 mm and one layer of polyethylene materials with a thickness of 3 to 5 mm. The outer layer has an epoxy resin lining and a PVDF layer to stabilize the color. . The surface of Aluminum composite sheet is protected with a layer of film.

Aluminum Composite Sheet According to the thickness, the type of aluminum alloy of the layers, the type of color used in the outer shell and the type of material used in the middle layer gives a wide variety to the mentioned sheets, each of which has a certain quality and application.

Composite Sheet

Resistance to environmental climate changes Humidity , Heat and sun rays ) one of the most prominent features composite sheets is against environmental conditions, in tropical and humid countries, composite aluminum sheet is unrivaled, because The existence of compressed polyethylene in the center of two layers of aluminum, Aluminum composite sheet is the best thermal insulation that saves energy loss in the building, also because of the very smooth and polished surface for aluminum, light rays It reflects the sun and absorbs the least amount of heat from the sun's rays. Also, aluminum sheet is one of the most resistant metals against moisture and does not rust and change its color compared to other materials The structure of the facade is less.

Covering Building view with large or small aluminum panels in arbitrary dimensions with a thickness of 4 mm consisting of two layers of aluminum sheets and their inner core from polyethylene or minerals fireproof and The top cover is made of PVDF resin, so-called aluminum composite sheet ( Aluminum Composite Panels) is read.

types Composite sheet is one of the advanced materials of modern architecture, which has received more and more attention from designers and building executives, and this product is widely accepted and used as one of the materials used in facades. The buildings represent the appropriate quality and the absence of any restrictions in its design and implementation.

Reasons for the popularity of the composite view

  • Ease of access to aluminum sheets in all countries of the world
  • low cost of installation and implementation compared to other views
  • Its running time is short
  • High use in all kinds of buildings, airports, terminals, subway stations, covering domes and special buildings
  • Covering special colors and easy formability of this type of view
  • Compatibility with all kinds of climates
  • Applicability of this view by all experienced people and composite experts
  • The earthquake resistance of this wonderful view

Composite Panel Specifications

The thickness of the composite sheet is 4 to 5 mm.

These panels are produced from the following materials:

  • Two layers of aluminum sheet
  • a central core layer made of polyethylene or fireproof minerals
  • A gold coating on the aluminum layer or pvdf

Technical specifications of composite aluminum sheets

  • Style
  • Create an acoustic property
  • Moldability
  • Variety of colors
  • Fire resistant
  • Being anti-seismic due to non-integrated operation during an earthquake
  • collapsible
  • Keeping the facade clean and without the need to wash

composite sheet types according to sheet surface coating layer

Composite sheet with polyester color
This product is applied with only one layer of paint without protection on the aluminum layer, which is often suitable for indoor use, such as interior decoration, because it is not very resistant to weather changes.
Composite sheet with PVDF color
In this type of sheets, a polymer layer is used, which makes the color resistant to different weather conditions.
sheet with nano color
This sheet works like resin paints, except that an additional layer is sprayed on the resin. Nano paint is also resistant to dust particles and the brightness of the sheet is always maintained.
Sheen composite sheet
The colors used in making this product are very shiny and it is usually mixed with garlands. The luster and shine of this type of sheet, especially the gold composite sheet, has increased its price.

TolooBond, composite sheet producer in Iran

Toloo factory with an area of ​​10,000 square meters located in Behshahr, one of the largest manufacturers span class="auto-style1">composite and aluminum sheets in Iran, with 2 production lines and the best production machines composite sheet Taiwan under German license 20,000 per year, 000 square meters has aluminum composite sheet.

With more than 20 years of experience, Tolou Production Group is recognized as one of the first pioneering and leading companies in the modern construction materials industry in the country.
In the field of aluminum composite sheet production, this company has a wide production and sales network of this product in the country.
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Tolo company produces composite sheets Shinebond, OrginalBond , ReyoBond , SuperBond , TolooBond.

Tolou Production Group, Tolo Band, the exclusive representative of Tolo Band Composite Sheet, Rhino Band Composite Sheet, TL Band Composite Sheet, and Superband Composite Sheet. , shine bond composite sheet and office It is the official company and factory of Tolo in Iran. Also, this company is the owner of composite sheet brands TolooBond, OrginalBond, ReynoBond, SuperBond, ShineBond< /strong> and ... is.

Composite Sheet Factory

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