Implementation of the facade of the Spider building

Spider view

Spider view as a fixed point view (point fixed glass) is one of the most used modern glass views today compared to similar systems such as curtain wall. This type of facade due to various structural systems, including the main structure (cable, rod and glass) and secondary structure (spider fittings) and connected glasses, as well as the creation of a wide transparent surface of the facade due to the absence of glass support frames, a huge flood of attention, especially It has been addressed by architects.

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Spider View Support Structures

One of the advantages of the spider facade is the use of various support systems, for example, we can mention metal structures with different tubular and square sections, cables, trusses and rods. Today, one of the most widely used types of supporting structures is the use of glass structures in the spider facade, which gives users a clear view of the building facade. In choosing the type of structure, the most important point is the final resistance of the structure against incoming forces such as the dead load of the facade weight, falling on glass roofs and loads perpendicular to the plane such as wind and earthquake.

Cable spider view

One of the spider screen connection systems is the spider screen with a cable holding system. This screen has special fittings. horizontal and vertical cable to withstand gravity forces (weight of glasses) and diagonal to neutralize forces perpendicular to the plane And wind is used.

Economic justification of using spider views

Contrary to the general belief that the spider facade is introduced as one of the expensive building facades, if sufficient precision is used in choosing the type of spider facade, glass and fittings from a technical and engineering point of view, it is possible to use the spider facade as a very economically justified facade in Comparison with similar systems such as curtain wall.

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