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The 18th International Exhibition of Construction Industry August 1997

Tolou Production Group, the official sponsor of the 18th International Construction Industry Exhibition

Objectives of holding the exhibition:

1: Holding a different exhibition according to the needs of participants and audiences of the construction and facilities industry
2: Moving in the direction of economic development of the construction and facilities industry through prosperity, dynamism and exit from stagnation
3: Introducing the latest capabilities and technologies in the field of construction industry and related industries
4: Creating a suitable opportunity for producers and service providers to communicate with the audience
5: Creating a platform for exchanging experiences and information interaction between participants and creating healthy competition
6: The inclusion and variety of goods in this exhibition, from large production to small services in one place
7: Providing exceptional services for participants to interact with applicants through clearing
8: Holding a targeted exhibition with relatively equal attendance conditions in terms of placement for all participants
9: Ensuring the satisfaction of the participants in the way of providing expert contacts and general contacts with targeted advertisements.

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